Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh The Issues (On a Serious Note)

It's true that living in Rexburg is very like living in a safe little buble free from the constant push of politics, persecution and issues that assult the rest of the church (and world) every day. However, in talking to family recently (as well as a small mention in church today) it has come to my attention that since Propisition 8 was passed there have been revolts and protests not only in San Francisco (where it would have actually affected the locals) but also in SLC at TEMPLE SQUARE. I have to tell you, I was shocked. I decided to look it up for myself and the first thing that came up was this: its an in your face organization and proclamation of the protests with no attempt to hide their hate and disregard for the church's right to stand up for their moral beleifs whatsoever. I do not understand how people who say they are trying to promote "love and acceptance" and protest "hate speech" can lead such cold-hearted protests and harrass people for trying to do what they think is right. This makes me so sad.
I am not unbiased, I know, I grew up a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I beleive it with all my heart and know I always will. However, I am also a product of my generation and several of my very best friends growing up were outrageously gay. I have absolutely no discrimination against them whatsoever, I am still friends with most of them and I love them to death. That doesnt mean that I agree with what they are doing. I know they dont agree with my religion and they know I dont support their decisions. We still love each other. I beleive that we can live in harmony and peace together.

I have to say, being in Rexburg at BYUI, since Obama's election (esp) I keep hearing comments such as, "This is it, this is the end, the second coming is coming, everyone is going to burn, you better be ready." Well, perhaps this is true. But NO ONE knows when He is coming! Its not right to scare everyone to death and we shouldnt be living in fear. If we are living righteously and are personally prepared, we WILL be all right! No matter what comes. Unity in the church is absolutely essential right now. We need to support each other and love each other and be one is heart, mind and purpose. We must be Zion in the world of Babylon, Soddom and Gamhora. Our purpose is to spread the gospel, to LOVE God's children, to support one another and show the world the light of Christ. We cannot do this if we are the ones who are hating. Please do not react with hate and fear to the troubles that plague our world and our church right now! We are going to see horrible things yes, but wonderful ones as well! Miracles surround us even now, we have to look and we have to REMEMBER, we must have open hearts and open minds! Remember that if He is coming it is a WONDERFUL thing! If He is not then we have so much work to do in Zion to prepare for when HE does, we can't afford to let in hate, fear, anger, sadness and dissention! The separation of the righteous from the worldly is coming, we are going to have to decide once and for all Who's Side we are on. As Bri put it, "there is no longer going to be a middle ground...Who's On the Lord's Side Who?" Supporting His prophets that are ON THE EARTH TODAY, is essential to those who want to be on His side. Times are changing, the Devil is throwing in every bet, pushing forth every evil purpose, his effort is not waning and neither should ours! The church, and the disciples of Christ cannot sit idly by and pretend they dont notice. We have to try to protect ourselves, our families and our world from the wickedness, corruption, horror, and hate that pervade from every side! We have to put up our standard as Captain Moroni did and proclaim to the world and to Our Father in Heaven where we stand, what we will fight for and Who we are! Angels surround us, they will fight with us and they pray that we will have the courage to fight with them! We are NEVER alone, Remember that! I pray for all of you, and most especially for the children we will be raising in this world. I hope the Lord is with you in these troubled times, and that you are with Him. Keep the Faith, I love you.


Danio said...

Thank you so much for your strong testimony! I'm so glad that I got to be one of the leaders in young women's with you. You are exceptional, beautiful and talented and I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe in.

Grant and Bri have our address so if you are able we would love it if you came over for an after Thanksgiving Vancouver-ite gathering

Bri... only she said...


What a wonderful message of hope. :D We have no reason to fear. The Lord is backing us up and that's more than enough protection.

I love you.

Dave in the Couv said...

How amazing to think that I had a part in raising such an incredible and strong daughter of Heavenly Father. I am so proud of you, and grateful for your testimony and example for others, esp younger sibs.

I Love You!

Love Mom

Dave in the Couv said...

We had a great FHE on the passage of prop. 8 in CA. We read the Proclamation on the Family and explained the reasons the Church has stated in coming out against same-sex marriage. The article on and the letter to the CA membership is worth reading if you have not read it already.

What has happened in MA and EMEA is already proving the point that when the courts overturn the will of the majority of the people, bad things happen to the rest of our rights. Where will our society be in 20 years if our children are raised thinking same-sex love and marriage are the norm and of equal validity with the marriage ordained and santioned by the Lord of Hosts. The first commandment given to Adam and Eve was to multiply and replentish the earth. If even half of all couples are non-propogating same-sex couples, where does that leave their chances for an Eternal marriage and salvation in the CK? Do you think the Lord will ever saction same sex sealing in His Holy House . . . I think not. Thus, this is another grand tactical step in Satan's agenda to deny salvation to those who kept their first estate. I too grew up with friends who claimed to be gay or bi-sexual, some who still are, some that have died of HIV/AIDS, and some that have changed and become practicing heterosexuals. I've seen increasing acceptance of Gay and Lesbian lifestyles in the media, movies, TV, etc., and too often, these condone this bahavior as an alternative normality. I do not believe that it is. I believe such behaviour is a selfish, self gratifying abnormality. Being a parent, I know how parenting demands heroic unselfishness on the part of both husband and wife to raise children and give them the love and nurture that it is our responsibility and priviledge to so give, partnering with the Lord in every step. Its hard enough as is, so I could not even imaging how hard it would be with a partner who even had slight narcisitic tendencies. Now think of the Gay and Lesbian friends you have had. How many of them would you deem selfless, sharing, Christlike people you would like to raise your Children for you if you died and could not finish the job yourself . . . no wonder the Catholic adoption agency in MA closed its doors.