Monday, November 10, 2008

The Essence of 504

"I dont want to be liked, I want to be APPRECIATED!"

"Okay, we should talk about something childbirth!"

"Im in no hurry to do nothing."

"Im a man--SURPRISE!!!" (creepy deep man voice)

"Cookies solve everything...well, except weight problems :'( "

"There are children in Africa who dont have electricity because you guys use it ALL!"

"fuffin shupe."

"I can't make any life changing decisions when Im on my period!" (in panic-stricken voice)

"Unlike some people in this room, I like to keep my body-ness to myself." (with emphatic disdain)

"Dreams are like climbing Mt. Everest, not 'I want to milk a cow'!"

" 'I wish I knew because then I'd know exactly what to do!'
'Oh ya? What's that?'

"We're the broken people."

"Im not gonna lie-I tried to learn elvish."

"You never realize how big your butt is until you take your pants off and look at them."

"I have a confession to make, I didn't listen to anything you just said."

"Unless you wanna light some candles baby..." (creepy deep man voice)


Bri... only she said...

You should realize that this is a PUBLIC blog. and um.. boys can see what you and your strange roommates say.

Though I did like the whole keeping one's "bodyness" to oneself one. LOL.

The Zs said...

I'm kind of scared to ask for an explanation of some of these quotes. lol.

You should do a blog on roommate votes, like...

Who uses the most electricity?

Who spends the most time in the bathroom?

Who is home the least?

etc.... or maybe not. Would that foster roommate love and respect? :) hehe