Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Bestest Friends in Idaho

So these are just a few pics I forgot to upload from Halloween night and this is the only one I have of Cate and since she's like my Best Friend up here I didnt think it was too cool that she'd been excluded, lol. So this is me and Cate at the movie theatre :D

And this (left) is Cate and Brit (my other newer best friend who is also my roommate) at the theatre. When they are around each other their southern accents (Cate is from Arkansas and Brit from Tenessee) come out like no other, it is absolutely hilarious to listen to. The other day Cate asked me like 10X for the OA-EL, and I couldnt understand her to save my life. Finally she had to spell it out O-I-L, LOL, then Brit came in and Cate told her she needed OA-El and Brit goes oh ya? Are y'all fryin som-n, then? ROFL I about died. This weekend the three of us went and wandered around IF (Idaho Falls) it was way fun!


Cate said...

Yay! That movie was A-MAZING! Plus I look funny in those pics...oh well. You should definately invest in a southern accent. Guys dig it when I say OAEL!!! ;)

Bri... only she said...

Cute Pics!!! Love the weird flowers around your eye!