Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcoming in the Hollow Season

I keep getting in trouble for wanting to skip the entire space between Summer and Christmas.

Can you blame me for wanting to jump into the holidays so quickly? I mean, that would mean we wouldn't have to deal with this whole school thing (not that I do anyways), we'd all be together again and we'd get to eat yummy goodies all the time! What's so wrong with that? Plus-there's no music on earth to compare with Christmas music. Seriously. What else makes you feel that happy?

Anywho, I thought to put your minds at ease I would prove that I do actually enjoy the inbetween holidays, and honor them in my own special way. Starting with the one that's coming up in just a little while.

Vicious Villians and Gruesome Ghouls,
Creatures of Myth and Royal Fools,
Children who prance with grubby fat hands,
Be ye warned my friends: Halloween is at Hand!

That was just a fun introduction I made up for you. The real tribute is something I wrote around this time in 2006.
A glaring face of firelight,
On every doorstep sits.
While children run around all night,
Where have they left their wits?
Insanity of every kind
In hidden eyes doth lurk.
In looking behind masks you'll find
Every person has their quirk,
Which to them this night doth bind,
From it, they cannot shirk.
The devils trickery is this
A 'respite' from the ever good.
Mis-takes are the devils kiss,
For it's with these he ever could
Seduce men into eternal night.
But men follow? Never they would,
If they were strong and longed for light.

image from SheridanInternational

Ok. So I lied. As evidenced, I hate halloween and everything it represents.

But on a more positive note, there is something that comes from dressing up and acting a different character from yourself. A sense of security that can help you to discover things you have been bottling up. Thus acting is such a wonderful thing. And writing, for that matter.

So I don't have a problem with the activites of the holiday so much as the ideas and intentions behind them. All Hallow's Eve was never meant to be a frightening experience or a game. I think turning the sacred holiday for the dead into a mockery of them is something commercialism will have to pay for in the end. I do not really honor this false Halloween and I do not appreciate the joke on the deceased. It's cruel and disgusting in my opinion.

This does not mean that I will not be handing out candy to the little children who come begging at my door or lecturing party-goers about their disrespect for the dead. No, I am not a crone. I will celebrate the holidays as I always do, with some concession to a costume, a trip to the church celebration and an indulgent smile as I fill the neighborhood's pillowcases with junk to rot their teeth. But do I enjoy it? No sir, I do not. Except perhaps, ironically, the pumpkin carving. That's good fun. But Honestly, I would rather skip the whole affair.

Thanksgiving is a much more joyful holiday and I do very much enjoy it. It's just that it comes so close to Christmas that I consider it the pre-feast. The welcoming of the true holiday season. The cutting of the ribbon, if you will. I love starting the Season off with that bang of telling my Savior and my family why I am so grateful for them. This holiday inspires much more uplifting poems, such as this:


Two rows of fragrant roses
Lead to an always open door.
Sweet-scented, they invite me
To join their midst's and forever soar.

Two rows of colored roses
Show me home by their splendid blooms.
Bright patterns to allure me
Back to home's happy, peace filled rooms.

Two rows of silk-spun roses
Feel like a lane to hallowed walls,
Where all may enter safely
To be loved in her heavenly halls.

Two rows of laughing roses
Softly entice me to their song.
They call to those who listen
Pleading with them to sing along.

Two rows of sugared roses
Sweetly guide me to the inside
Of my haven in the forest,
Where my happiest mem'ries abide.

image from:

So while it's a hate-love relationship, I will make it through these months and I will honor the holidays in their midsts. But if you think I'm going to do it without singing 'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas,' all along the ride, you're as crazy as those jack-o-lanterns. BWAHAHAHAHA


Paige's Pages said...

hey how come my blog isnt over there with the list of favorite blogs?

KayKay :D said...

Sorry Paigee! It's just cuz yours is a blocked blog, so you have to be invited to see it. Now I've added it, it's the one that says, MUST BE LOGGED IN or some such thing, hahaha. Love you!

Atkinsons in the Couv said...

Oh dear! I've taught you too well!!! For I too have never loved the in-between time, and refuse to celebrate the "false" Halloween. For me, it is a celebration of the harvest, September through Thanksgiving.

Bri... only she said...

I think it's so funny how me and Kristi were the ones who liked Halloween before and now we both detest it.

Oh how things change. :D