Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Farewell to Summer

This was inspired by our end-of-summer family beach trip on labor day. It says more than I could say with stories and memories, so I'll let it speak for me. Read it as a whisper and think of it as the dying summer speaking.


I'll tell you the secret
Between the Ocean and me
While her waves pull us softly Out to Sea

It's crucial you're silent
If you want to know why
There's no other place I'd have chosen to die

There's no sound beneath it
And therein lies the key
To understanding the promise 'tween the Ocean and we

If you're quiet you'll hear it
The Lady Moon's cry
Whose silver lips tell me never a lie

And you'll understand freedom
That comes without fee
The right to exist, the right simply to be

For now comes your answer
Have you figured out why
The Sea is the place I come to take my last sigh?

Pictures from: hickerphotos

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Bri... only she said...

Tears are streaming down my face... i miss the summer!! I wish I had been at the ocean with you. I spent Labor day laboring away at too many textbooks. :)