Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight Party

We started the evening of the Twilight premeire Party with an excellent Karaoke performance, the one depicted staring Ms. MaKenzie with her super awesome back up singers.

Ah, the close ups :D ....Uh, I should prolly explain that Tenni's lovely new facial addition was not a gift from the Twilight party members but merely from an act of play with a friend in the basement that got a little carried away...and I seem to remember it involved a pool hockey table...

Party on girls!!! I was so shocked those two could sleep with all the noise we were making!
Abbie staring in the hot pants song...and then on the way to TWILIGHT!!! EEK!

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Paiges' Pages said...

Ah good times! That night was a blast!! Tenni's face involved a run in with the foosball (sp?) table...I think. Ya that was it :) Dont worry though, after Parker got over the black eye, they are friends again! Hee hee hee :)"If thats what you get for being hit by a car... Just run me over now!!