Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home Away From Home

We decided that since its the end of the semester we should probably take some good roommate/FHE Family pictures ;)
This first one is our last picture with Cate (who is actually an adopted member of our little family) before she leaves us forever for Arkansas forever! :'( We are going to miss her like the sun misses the flower! (name that movie! ;)

This next one is Brittany, Rachel and I just having some fun

And this is the Roommate Silly Picture. I am so sorry this semester is ending and we are losing our two copper tops/carot bottoms! They are so much fun, and so hilarious! This has been the most amazing semester ever and I love these girls to death!

And a nice one just for the heck of it:

This is our silly FHE Family picture, what a personality shot!

Aw, so sweet! We are also losing all but two of our boys-so sad! We will miss them too!

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