Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 25 Random Issues of Me ;)

Alright, this is from one of those silly things that goes around emails and facebook, etc. but I actually enjoyed this one so I'm posting it here as a sort of diary thing of silly things about me at 19 that I don't want to forget ;)

1. My worst pet peeve is when no one says bless you after someone sneezes
2. I am not supposed to eat white flour and I am allergic to chocolate (but I eat it anyways ;)
3. I have been attacked by over 13 different types of birds...therefore, Big Bird is my worst nightmare
4. My worst fear is abandonment, my second worst fear is not being good enough
5. I am obsessed with rain, thunderstorms, rainbows and sunsets.
6. I am a VERY poor loser, and I am extremely competetive.
7. I have a big dog named Koda and we have contests in stepping on each others feet.
8. I would usually rather be singing and dancing than anything else
9. I am so obsessed with History and stories that I have decided to make them my life.
10. I love to cook and I usually get VERY dirty-for which I have somewhat of a reputation at home.
11. I tend to have extraordinarily blonde moments, do strange things and come up with wicked plans- which my best friends have officially titled "Kristi Moments"
12. One of these moments was when I jumped out of moving vehicle to save a Cheesecake. It was very yummy :D
13. I worry a lot and tend to make myself sick when I'm upset or stressed out.
14. I HATE every kind of soda except Jones Fufu berry and Sprite.
15. Nothing makes me happier than clown cones from Baskin , I just love them. I dont know why.
16. I read probably more than any human being ever should.
17. I was vegetarian for a year and now cannot eat hamburger or most types of beef w/o throwing up
18. When I'm angry or scared with/of a person I am very quiet and still.
19. I LOVE laughing, and I do it very loudly and sometimes it gets to the point where I cant control it.
20. My parents are the most amazing people I know.
21. Loyalty and trust are the values I treasure most and the ones I most try to live up to.
22. I have developed a recent addiction to running, but I MUST HAVE Music!
23. I am in my second semester of Mandarin Chinese and I want to go to China something awful
24. I can only do left splits any more (in my dancing days I could do all three :'( )
25. I have an obsession with wood carved things. Anything. Furniture, statues, houses, tiki poles, you name it, I usually love it. I know, Im a planet killer :'(


Atkinsons in the Couv said...

Oh how we love our Kristi Moments! We all need more crazy, silly moments, and someone to come up with the best plans!

Bri... only she said...

Oh my goodness... this made me miss you like CRAZY! You're so kookie my Kristi!

Because of these...
1. I ALWAYS say bless you when someone sneezes (even if it's awkward, like during a funeral procession).
2. I think birds have an evilness gene. How could they attack something so beautiful and innocent?!
3. I'm obsessed with rain, thunderstorms, rainbows, sunsets, and BEAR LAKE!
4. You know you're only competitive now, cause you always lost when you lived with me... BWA hA HA!
5. I sing and dance when I clean and cook.
6. I call Kristi if I have a question about history.
7. I wear aprons. :) he he
8. I miss Kristi moments, and whenever I have one, I miss my sister.
9. I consider the value of cheesecake extrodinarily high.
10. I let everyone know when I'm worried or stressed out instead of keeping it all locked up inside.
11. I LOVE to laugh loudly and abnoxiously and miss doing it with you!
12. I'm calling Kristi when i have a house to decorate, so she can kill the planet on my behalf.


Love you KK!
12. I think clowns are creepy and running is insane.

KayKay :D said...

OH my heck Bri, I love you! :D I miss you SO MUCH right now! 6 hours just was NOT enough!

Paiges' Pages said...

Ah Kristi you make me laugh! Which isnt really a good thing considering that everyone else in this house is asleep... :)Just kidding its a fantastic thing! So remember that bouncy place I was telling you about? Well I took Dawson and Easton there the other day and... Easton un-plugged one of the obsticle courses. I mean I caught it mid deflate but still... Great. If I take him to the Zoo, he climbs over the railings, if we go to the aquarium, he swims with the sting rays (they dont encourage swimming by the way they dont even want you to touch them with more than 2 fingers...:)) , if we go to heritage park he pulls up all their flowers and jumps on the antique beds, and now when we go to Jumpin' Jacks he unplugs the inflatable toys. Its a good thing hes so cute or people would stop letting us in! :)