Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm still watching you friend

I'm watching you friend. I'm watching your standards crash around you as you dance. I'm watching your dreams be crushed under your own mincing feet and I'm screaming for the dance to end. I'm watching you die a little with every step and still you will not listen. I'm watching you laugh at the blood you see trailed along the path of your twirls. Blood is fashionable these days. I'm watching you friend, and I can see the pain your dance is causing. I'm watching you wince with every movement, gasp with every breath. I'm watching you and I'm crying for you to let someone hold you, let someone love you. I'm watching you friend, but I do not think you see me. Why can't you see me friend, why don't you listen? I can see the tears roll down your face as you beckon for a dancing partner. I whisper to you friend, and I try to take your hand, but you're still dancing. You're still dancing, and I cannot dance this with you. But I'm still watching you my friend.


Bri... only she said...

woah does that bring back memories. I bet I can guess who that's about.

KayKay :D said...

Not who you think me sometime and we'll chat about it

Dave in the Couv said...

Great lyrics for a song I think.

Just cryptic and general enough to be about any of the many "friends" we have all watched go down paths or "dance" dances we dare not or where already too wise to step to.

VERY powerful

I cried as I read this and thought of the many friends I am still watching and inviting back to dance in the light, yet they will not come, will not taste again the fruit, will not fight the good fight, but exhaust themselves dancing in fruitless circles in the dark rut-entrenched mire of their current habits.