Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chinese Final! :D

This week is finals week up at BYUI and my favorite final to do by far was for my Chinese 102 class. We got to write out a skit and make a video :) My group was the only one to actually do a video instead of a soundtrack, but it was the funniest and got the highest grade because of it. I was so excited about it (and it's hilarious, even if you don't speak Chinese) that I decided to put it on here. I know however, that many of you will get very frustrated that you do not understand it, so I'm putting the script down here in English :) lol



Hello is this Kaylee?

This is her.

Tomorrow the weather is going to be nice, so I'm going to the beach. I was wondering if you wanted to come?

I definitely want to go! How will we get there?

I'll drive my jeep. I'll pick you up tomorrow at one.

See you tomorrow!

See ya!



Hello! I brought my other two friends Rachel and Connie!

Ah Hello!

Please Come in, come in!

Thankyou :)

Sure sure

Oh, I really want to move into an apartment like this, could we have a tour?

Sure, no problem

Uh...where's your bathroom?!

Oh! It's right here next to the bedroom.

*whispered conversation*=Ugh, my boyfriend is just being sooo difficult. ans: aww, Im sorry, men are...

Does your apartment have a kitchen?

It does, it's just opposite this sitting room we're in.

I like kitchens, do you mind if I go have a look?

Of course, go ahead! you have a dining room?

Sort of, in the kitchen there is a table and four chairs

RACHEL enters: You're apartment is so tidy!

Thankyou :) we really must go.


Ah, the seashore is so beautiful!

Look, there is a ship!

We have arrived. I want to swim!

Wow, she swims very good, she's extremely fast...


Hey do you guys want to play volleyball?

I want to! That sounds awesome!


Sweet! Us two will be on a team over here.

...Oh no are you ok?!

I'm good, I popped right back up :D

Now I want to go shopping

Oh, there's a shopping center just a little ways up to the right of the beach

We'll walk. let's go!


What do you want to buy?

I want this yellow shirt!

You like that color yellow???

Oh honey, that color yellow will just make you look fat. Throw it out.

Uh, ya. I really want this black shirt, but there's no price on it.

Here, I'll go ask the store clerk

Ah thankyou

I'm super hungry. Do you guys wanna go eat something?

Oh ya, me too! I want Chinese food!

You're shirt is twenty dollars

Oh good, thats pretty cheap! Im gonna buy it!

Hey are you guys hungry?

I am!

Me too!


Do you guys know what you want?

I do! I want a coke, a bowl of soup, of plate of steamed rice with sweet and sour chicken, and four potstickers.

Mmm...sounds good. I also want a bowl of soup and four potstickers, but I dont like coke or sweet and sour chicken. Instead I want a cup of juice, a plate of pork and four springrolls.

Can I see the menu?

Ya, here


No problem. I also want a glass of juice. I dont want soup, but I would like a plate of ribs and a good desert.

Ugh. I just want a plate of salad. I want my boyfriend to like me.

Oh ya? Well, I also want six potstickers. :p

Look here, the waiters coming

Oh good. I'll order

....So whose footing the bill?

I dont have any money

Well Im not paying

Why, dont you have money?

Oh, I have money, but I am NOT paying for all of this.

Well all I ate was a salad! Im definitely not paying for all this!




Hey! How are ya?

I'm good and yourself?

Not too bad, yesterday was so fun!

Oh ya it was! So much fun!

Are you busy tomorrow?

I'm way busy! I'm throwing a birthday dance party for my big brother! You want to come?

Sure, I'll definitely be there! When is the party?

It's tomorrow evening at six


Huh? Who is that? Oh! Is this Kaylee?

Ya, it's me

How are you?

Not too good. I'm kinda sick, I have a bad headache and a cough

Have you seen the doctor?

I have, he gave me some meds.

Hey Kaylee, tomorrow Im having a party for my brothers birthday at six, wanna come?

Ya thanks!

Hey, I want to come too!

Come come!

I'll bake a cake for him! See you all there tomorrow! bye!

Very good, bye!


Hello? Hello? uh....


Hey guys, thanks for coming!

You're welcome! Lets dance! woohoo!


+ Bloopers :)


Bri... only she said...

Wo bow ba... I mean WOAH Baby!

That was awesome! Good job. Looks like you had a TON of fun!

KayKay :D said...

LOL Thankyou ;) I did! It was a BLAST! Im going to miss that group-we just had so much fun together and cracked each other up all the time!

Danio said...

That's Awesome! I loved it, I am so impressed! Way to go!