Saturday, February 28, 2009

Idaho Inspires...

Traci, Bri, Mom and Dad basically this is for you. I have written three poems this year in Idaho (shockingly small amount I know-I've been busy lol) and they are rather...interesting. LOL. So I thought I'd put them on here just for fun so you can tell me what you think, I'd really like to know what anyone thinks they're about so even if your not my sisters or my parents feel free to drop a line. :D

The Violence of Lost Sight and Silence
I lost sight of the Sea,
The Passion of his depths.
His waves still whisper 'love me,'
with their every crashing breath
Yet I do not hear he,
Who will be my evening death.
He breaks the rocks in silence,
Thrashing power, Violence!
I lost sight of the moon,
the longing in his light.
Still he cries his haunting tune,
Mourning, cause he lost the night.
He cannot make me swoon,
He is no striking sight.
He keens his song in silence
Perhaps screaming, Violence!
I lost sight of the wind,
his powerful embrace.
Who with his torrents sinned,
when roughly he caressed my face.
Against that body pinned
I'd still feel naught but lace
And so he soars in silence
Though he's weeping, Violence!
I lost sight of the Earth,
his warm, intimate touch.
The deep rumbling of his mirth
no longer appeals so much.
Shaking his awesome girth
'til his molten sides I clutch'd
but to my ears in silence
he keeps laughing, Violence!

I fly on wings of frozen steel
Through sleet that pounds like nails
Accross the icy land I feel
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
My lips are frosted blue with chill
And cannot kiss my love.
The crashing Arctic winds blow shrill
Silence. Silence. Silence.
Colored bleak and lonely mountains
Beneath my listless gaze
Remain unseen, forsaken titans
Ashen. Ashen. Ashen.
No pain, no sorrow visit me
I soar too high above
One thought and goal in mind let be
Away. Away. Away.
Blind Smiles
‘Hello, how are you?’
‘You’re pleasantly tan.’
‘She invited you?’
‘I’m in a band.’
‘I don’t believe you’
‘May I take your hand?’
‘What is with you?’
‘I don’t understand’
‘I could kill you.’
‘Who’s that man?’
‘I can’t believe you!’
‘Then he ran!’
‘Lawyer, are you?’
‘That’s what I’d planned’
‘Can I kiss you?’
‘Let’s play in the sand.’
‘He’s smiling at you.’
‘Well yes, and…?’


Grant said...

That last poem reminds me of a new word I learned... it is "wumgush". It means all that stuff women say that they don't really mean. :)

I gotta say though... you're work lately really reflects you're environment (Idaho): cold, bitter, barren, potatoes, slightly depressing... cows, oh wait, that wasn't in there. lol. We gotta get some SUNLIGHT into you babe!!

Love, Bri

KayKay :D said...

Hahaha-I know right?! Sad story lol, I desparately need my rainy WA or sunny Bear Lake back! :D

Paiges' Pages said...

You are talented Chicklet! Come visit us and we will share the sunshine! If I move to the carribean you can come visit ok? hee hee hee :)

KayKay :D said...

Mmmm...the Caribbean! Oh baby baby ;) I'm all for that! lol

Nana: there weren't potatoes either...? ROFL I love you

Pistolmom said...

Tay Tay said...


Those were beautiful. The first one kind of reminded me (don't laugh) of the sadness that comes from drifting away from the nature and beauty that surrounds us and the harm we are doing to God's creations around us. The last one was kind of wierd. I agree with Bri though it does sound like all the things women say to each other that they don't mean.
Love taytay